Megapro Plus-Megasound Announces New Ambassadors

Oct 09, 2020 Megasound Marketing

Megapro Plus Megasound delights Winford Hotel Manila last July 12 as it introduced the two Brand Ambassadors who will carry the trade name towards bigger and better milestones – upbringing and celebrating Filipino’s unfaltering love for karaoke.

Ending all the anticipation on who will be the two new names that will take the karaoke marquee to new heights, MegaproPlus Megasound introduced Piolo Pascual – one of the biggest personalities in Philippine show business today who made headway as an actor, TV host, filmmaker and singer. Among Piolo's most notable work in the industry includes Milan, Dekada ’70, Starting Over Again, The Breakup Playlist, and Last Night. He's also known to star in various soap operas on TV like Esperanza, Lovers in Paris and the recent one, Since I Found You, as well as being a mainstay in Home Sweetie Home and a longtime host of ABS-CBN's weekly show A.S.A.P.

Greeting fans with a renewed sense of excitement for the future, MegaproPlus Megasound also introduced Wacky Kiray – a popular stand-up comedian, host, actor and singer who became renowned in the celebrity talent competition I Can Do That, before earning his spot in the spotlight from the hit reality game show, I Can See Your Voice, not to mention being a mainstay of other shows like Bagani, Banana Sundae and Home Sweetie Home.

Primed as The Mega Launch: Ambassador's Night, it was indeed a huge gathering of the trade partners, investors and media - all of which were amused and entertained when Piolo Pascual and Wacky Kiray graced the stage by serenading them with Megapro Plus Megasound's newly-arranged jingle, matched with their very own music video.

MegaproPlus Megasound aims to bring the very best karaoke experience to the Filipinos and with their line of new products. With the product lineup that they have, karaoke lovers will definitely be excited and satisfy the concert kings and queens within every Filipino.

In line with the new products are Megapro Plus Concorde and the Megasound Coloseum High-end Portable Karaoke Microphone that includes a 64GB micro SD memory and a USB slot for MP3 and video playback. MP Concorde & MS Coloseum have two built-in UHF wireless microphones with full remote functions and two more microphone inputs that allows group of people to sing together.

Advancing the karaoke experience, Megapro Plus-Megasound introduced Exodus Smart Player. Loaded with 1TB HDD, Exodus has a Mobile Karaoke App for effortless song search and remote function capabilities. Watch your score rise as you sing with its live-scoring system. Record your songs and save it on your mobile phone or connect to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet then share it online. Turn your television into Smart TV with its built-in apps (MiraCast, Youtube, Netflix, Chrome) for unlimited fun and entertainment that is beyond your imagination.

Last but definitely not the least, the brand is also unveiling the Megapro Plus-Megasound Digital Songbook App that is now compatible to most players, making it easier for karaoke fans to search for their favorite songs in a user-friendly interface. With the introduction of new products and innovations plus Piolo Pascual and Wacky Kiray as new ambassadors of Megapro Plus Megasound, a tandem that will surely carry MegaproPlus Megasound to connect to even more households, nurturing Filipinos' innate and natural love for karaoke.

Sing to your favourite tunes with a brand that shares the same love that you have for karaoke.

This is MegaproPlus Megasound!

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