Jan 24, 2020 Megasound Marketing

Megasound was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of MP Megapro Plus Marketing Corporation. Seven years later, after showing great potential and being accepted by the market, Megasound became a stand-alone brand.

We are a company that offers Music and Entertainment developed with Korean Technology, manufactured and engineered by Korean Professionals. Our catalogue contains a wide variety of high-quality Karaoke products- both advanced and user-friendly, for a better musical experience!


Megasound karaoke products come in different variations. First, the DVD type Karaoke Players, a variant that runs on CD which contains all of its data. Second, the HDD type Karaoke Players, which has a built in Hard Disk containing a wider array of data. Last but not the least, our latest addition, the SD Card type Karaoke players- light and compact.

Other products in our lineup includes: High-quality Microphones, Speakers, and Amplifiers.
All of which complement our existing Karaoke products, to enhance your experience with music.


People, especially the Filipinos, love to sing. We sing new songs that are creative and meaningful, we sing old songs that help us reminisce the past, we sing when we’re happy, we sing when we’re sad. That is why our karaoke products contain more than 18,000 OPM and International songs to choose from and sing to! With constant updates, our library continuously increases with all the latest and most requested songs. We also have a song request section on our website and we make sure to include them on the next update. All of these meticulously arranged and engineered one by one by our highly trained professional Music Engineers.

In 2017 we introduced our very first brand ambassador, one of the country’s finest and most influential stars, Liza Soberano, to help us spread the word about the future of karaoke players. In 2018 we took, yet again, one of the most iconic people in the country Piolo Pascual and Wacky Kiray as brand ambassadors to even further our reach and share Megasound to everyone.

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